בקר הפעלה דגם SY1MINI מיועד להפעלה של בודדת.

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Power supply: 12 - 36 Volt (depending on power supply)
Output voltage: 12 oder 36 Volt (depending on power supply)
Output power: 180VA
Output currency: max 5,0 A
Protection rate: II (without ground connection)
Colour: black
Size: 95,6 x 55,4 x 30,5 mm
Cycle duty: 10% (S3): 1 min. On / 9 min. Off
Plug/connectors type motor / drive: MAS 80 S DIN 41524z
Plug/connectors type handswitch: MAS 70 S DIN 45329
Plug/connectors type end switch: MAS 50 S DIN 41524 (optional)
Plug/connectors type power supply: DC-Hollow plug 2,5mm inner diameter
Art-Nr. with power supply 27 V: SYM1-ON-S-78-27
Art-Nr. without power supply 27 V: SYM1-ON- 0-78-27
Art-Nr. with power supply 12V: SYM1-ON-S-78-12

Art-Nr. without power supply 12 V :


SYM1-ON- 0-78-12


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SY1MINI - בקר הפעלה דגם

699.00 ₪מחיר